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Turtle Dolphin Dreams:
A Work of Metaphysical Fiction

To read the story of how the book, Turtle Dolphin Dreams, came about click on the left hand side link.

To read about the author of TDD, see www.MarianVolkman.com

If you are interested in animal intelligence and/or inter-species communication, click on that button to see some further ideas Marian has on these subjects as well as an opportunity to send her any stories of instances of these that you would like to share. For a list of briefly reviewed relevant books on these and other topics, see Marian's book list.

If you are interested in our relationship to the other species on the planet and in its well-being, see the Balance of Nature button. There you will find links to some excellent and relevant sites.

Also by Marian Volkman Life Skills: Improve the Quality of Your Life with Metapsychology.

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